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Delivering Real Results in Government
Featuring case studies from Los Angeles Police Department, City of Austin Water Utility, and Texas Education Agency

Government agencies today face ever-growing expectations for performance and accountability from their constituents. Progressive public sector entities are learning how to unlock the massive amounts of data that they maintain to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of their operations and to make better decisions by predicting in advance the outcomes of new policies, programs, and regulations under consideration.

Government analytics is the field of applying advanced quantitative techniques to extract usable insights from large quantities of raw operational data that may be located in isolated silos across a large organization. These insights are used for a variety of high-value activities including the identification of areas for improved service levels and efficiencies. Government analytics can also provide the basis for improved transparency with the public by improved reporting and it can support sophisticated enterprise risk management by monitoring ongoing operations.

During this briefing we will focus on a cross section of clients who along with Sierra will discuss their experiences with the application of Government analytics to their operations.

Topics covered include: 

  • Government Analytics Overview
  • Transparency to the Elected Officials and the Public - a case study of the Texas Education Agency
  • Building Efficiency and effectiveness in Utilities - a case study of the Austin Water Utility
  • Changing the Culture through Analytics - a case study of the Los Angeles Police Department



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